Weight Bearing Cassette Holder (YCWB)

Weight Bearing Cassette Holder

Weight Bearing Cassette Holder (YCWB)

Item #: YCWB
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Foam size: 17.5"L x 11.5"W x 4"H
Slit to hold imaging receptor: .75"W x 11.5"L


High density crosslink closed cell foam with a clear coating for durability and cleaning. This item is an excellent positioning aide for weight bearing studies. Developed to facilitate imaging of longitudinal arch and lateral projection studies of feet and ankles. Proprietary clear medical grade coating creates a unique skin membrane that is durable and easy to clean. Surface is resistant to blood, Betadine, barium, alcohol, oils, and other fluids. Anti-microbial: antibacterial and antifungal. Self deodorizing


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