Standard X-Ray Lead Apron

Standard Economy Apron

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  • Standard Economy Apron (Blue Paws)
  • Back View
  • Green
  • Red Paws
  • Black Paws
  • Royal Blue Nylon
  • Navy Nylon
  • Denim Nylon
  • Sapphire RS (See Color Selections For Fabric Closeup)
  • Green Nylon
  • Teal Nylon
  • Hot Pink
  • Emerald (Ripstop) See Color Selections For Close Up Of Fabric
  • Forest
  • Bronze Tech (See Color Selections For Close Up Of Fabric)
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Ruby (Ripstop) (See Color Selections For Close Up Of Fabric)
  • Berry
  • Burgundy
  • Sunshine
  • Black
  • Diamondback
  • Onyx (Ripstop) See Color Selections For Close Up Of Fabric
  • Slate
  • Tan
  • Purple
  • Amethyst (Ripstop) See Color Selections For Close Up Of Fabric
  • Crocolator
  • Cool Waves
  • Heat Waves
  • Playful Pups
  • Sleepy Sleep
  • Blue Paws
  • Waterfall
  • Camo Night
  • Digital Camo
  • Lots O Dots
  • Life Vines
  • Leopard

Standard X-Ray Lead Apron

Item #: LA100
Price: $125.00

2 Year warranty on materials and workmanship. 
This item ships in 10 business days.


Our popular standard economy x-ray lead apron is available in a wide choice of colors, designer prints and fabrics. This x-ray lead apron comes with a 1" buckle closure that is long enough to also tie. All of our lead aprons are rated at .5mm lead equivalent protection and available in regular weight (RW), light weight (LW) and lead-free styles (NL). Free Shoulder Pads concealed for comfort and durability. Wider shoulders to optimize weight distribution. High underam for better protection. Double fold binding for strength and tear resistance.

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Color Selections Standard Economy Apron Weights Apron Sizing Chart
Price: $125.00

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